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Professional Water Restoration Services

Water damage from storm in need of cleanup and restoration service in Tullytown, PAWhen it comes to indoor environments, water can be one of the most destructive elements — especially in the home. Not only can flooding and the excess moisture it creates can cause significant damage, deteriorating your property and possibly compromising the structural integrity of your home, but it can even create dangerous conditions that could negatively affect the health of you and your entire family.

At McCain Bros. Plumbing & Heating, we understand that emergencies can and do happen. And although water damage due to flooding and excessive moisture can have harmful effects, they can be mitigated with a rapid and effective intervention from the water restoration experts, McClain Bros. Plumbing & Heating. Our company knows that cleaning up after an emergency flooding event can help you restore order and normalcy to your life and your household, which is why our company features professional water restoration and cleanup contractors who can get the job done right.

We proudly provide trusted water restoration services to the following areas in PA: Levittown; Bristol; Fairless Hills; Feasterville-Trevose; Croydon; Langhorne; Penndel; Fallsington; Tullytown; King of Prussia; Norristown; and Royersford.

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What’s Involved in Water Restoration Services?

There are several steps to restoring your home to its previous undamaged state, including a combination of water removal, moisture extraction, decontamination, and drying. It‘s essential to act as quickly as possible when there’s been damage due to water and moisture. And not only that, but standing water can be a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and other harmful substances. If you, your family, or your pets are exposed to this environment, it could cause allergic reactions, disease, or worse — that’s why emergency cleanup from a professional water restoration company is crucial to prevent any health issues.

It’s not just you and your family’s health that is of concern when there is basement flooding or water damage in your home. Aside from cleaning up, there may be materials that need to be replaced, including drywall, carpeting, shelves, clothing, ductwork, draperies, and even your home’s heating and cooling systems. Depending on the extent of the damage, you might even need a full bathroom remodel. Ensuring the prompt removal and replacement of these damaged elements, if necessary, can help give you the peace of mind that your home will remain safe and structurally sound.

The Process

Before our expert water restoration contractors begin their cleaning and extraction services, they will need to thoroughly inspect the property and assess the degree of damage it has sustained.

There are four classes of water damage:

  • Class 1 — Part of a room that has absorbed some moisture.
  • Class 2 — Water has affected an entire room, like a basement or other area.
  • Class 3 — Water has been absorbed into walls and may have even come through the ceiling.
  • Class 4 — Damage has affected materials like stone and concrete.

Additionally, there are three categories of water damage:

  • Category 1 — Involves water damage from a clean source, such as a broken pipe or toilet tank.
  • Category 2 — Includes damage from gray water, like from a washing machine or dishwasher.
  • Category 3 — Results from unsanitary water, such as sewage and river flooding.

After we inspect your property and assess the damage, our cleaning and remediation efforts can begin. We’ll use a variety of pumps and vacuums to remove the water from your home, then thoroughly dry and dehumidify the entire affected area. Next, all carpeting, draperies, clothing, and other personal belongings may need to receive antimicrobial treatments. This can include air scrubbers to remove airborne particulates from the area. Finally, our remediation and restoration process can begin. This includes inspecting and, if necessary, replacing materials like drywall, insulation, and more.

Proudly Serving Our Community

McClain Bors. Plumbing & Heating is honored to offer our dependable water restoration services to the following areas of PA:

  • Levittown
  • Bristol
  • Fairless Hills
  • Feasterville-Trevose
  • Croydon
  • Langhorne
  • Penndel
  • Fallsington
  • Tullytown
  • King of Prussia
  • Norristown
  • Royersford

If your property has sustained water damage, it’s critical to act now and get it cleaned up. For prompt, professional, and effective emergency water restoration, contact us immediately.

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