Water Restoration

Need help with your wet basement? Has water destroyed an area inside your home?

Water Damage Restoration service in Bucks County

Our expert contractors are dedicated to remediating water damages inside your home or office.  From repairing broken pipes to refinishing rooms in your house due to water damages, we can help you if you are located in Bucks County, Montgomery County and the greater Philadelphia area.

  + Mold Remediation

  + Water Restoration Service

  + Fix/Repair Broken Pipes

  + Water Proof Your Basement

  + Dry Your Wet Basement

  + Repair Water Damaged Construction

water damaged basement
water restoration in bucks county

Water Restoration In Bucks County

If you own a home in Bucks County and you have experienced a leak from a broken pipe, a leaky roof, or maybe your basement flooded, you may have significant water damage to your home.  McClain Bros. specializes in remdediating water damaged homes by cleaning up the water, drying out the basement, killing mold and other harmful symptoms of water damage and reconstructing replacement walls, floors and ceiling where water recently destroyed your home.  Contact us today for help with any water restoration services you may need our assistance with.

Plumbing Service

If you need assistance with plumbing, contact us today or visit our plumbing services page for more information.  We can help you with broken pipes, and new construction for homeowners throughout Levittown, Fairless Hills, Yardley, Tullytown, Feasterville, Southampton, Newtown and all other surrounding local towns in Bucks & Montgomery County.

+ Convert Pipes to Pex Tubing

+ Repair Broken Pipes

+ Unclog Sewer Lines/Drain Lines

+ Bathroom Remodeling

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