Lateral & Sewer Inspections

Lateral & Sewer Inspection Service in Bucks County

If you’re thinking about buying a new home, are currently living in an older home, think something might be wrong with your sewage or need proof for a settlement – a lateral sewer inspection is what you need!

 McClain Bros are here to help you!

What is a Lateral? Why is it Important?


Every home and buisness is connected to a system that leads to the main sewer line. The lateral is the pipe that connects your property to that system. If there is something wrong with that pipe, according to most local governments, you are responsible for it. 

Avoid having a surprise repair by getting a lateral & sewer inspection. They are affordable and simple. A camera attached to a snake line is used to record the condition of your pipes. It can spot possible problem areas before it becomes a big repair.  

Lateral sewer inspection services
Pipe Inspection

Why Get a Lateral & Sewer inspection?

There are quite a few reasons why getting a inspection is the best choice for you and your home. 

  + Buying A New Home

Getting the whole home inspected is top priority for any home buyer, but the sewage line is easily forgotten about since it’s underground. It’s one of the most important systems of the house and you don’t want to buy a home with any hidden problems. Getting an inspection before buying means you can move in with confidence or avoid footing the bill for an expensive surprise repair! 

  + Living In An Older Home

Older homes may have been inspected before, but possibly not for a long time. Like everything, things begin to falter over time and an inspection can find problems before they surprise you. The older the home, the more important it is to get regular inspections.

  + Settlements

Get the proof you need for a settlement fast with a lateral & sewer inspection, and the cost to repair it for the records in a quick visit from McClain Bros. We will get you to the settlement table on time!


Need Repairs?

Watch out for the signs that there might be a problem with the sewage in your home or business! You don’t want to wait till its too late to address the issues. What are the signs?

Frequent plumbing problems, blockages, backups, slow draining

 Bad smells, mold, or rodent and insect problem

+ Property damages such as cracks in the foundation, sinkholes, indents in the lawn or pavement

+ If your lawn has patches that are extra green or is pooling waste

These are all signs that you need your lateral & sewer inspected and possibly fixed. Not only can McClain Bros. provide the inspection, but also any repairs you may need! We are experts in plumbing, water restoration and sewage services – we have the team and the expertise to get any job done. 

We offer 24 hour emergency services, so if you need us, we will be there! Qualified customers can get 0% financing for up to 12 months. Contact us and get scheduled for service right away! 

Lateral inspection sewer line

Need Plumbing Advice?

If your about to buy a new home be sure to get a lateral inspection and make sure your not also buying a future problem! McClain has all the advice you need when it comes to sewer repair and lateral inspections! Click here to read more about sewer lateral inspections and their common finds.