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Need help with a Broken Heater? Looking for a new hot water heater?

Water Heater & HVAC Services

Don’t be left cold in your home! From water heaters to HVAC heating systems, McClain Bros. is here to help! Our expert heating service contractors can help you fix your broken heater if you are located in Bucks County and the surrounding area.  Thus, whether you need help with an oil heater, gas heater or maybe a conventional heat pump, we will get your heater up and running for an honest price.  Moreover, our customers choose McClain for honest local HVAC service.  We also install new units for customers looking to upgrade their whole house heating system.

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Hot Water Heater Repair

Leaky hot water heater causing you problems in your home?  Contact McClain Bros. today for an estimate on a new hot water heater or maybe hot water heating service.  Sometimes your heater can be fixed with a new pressure relief valve, while other cases may require the purchase of a new unit.  In this case, we also offer tank-less hot water heater installations to provide a faster, space saving alternative to the traditional hot water heater.

Thus, regardless of which water heater you currently have or which you may want to switch to, McClain Bros. are the experts you can turn to for all your water heater maintenance, repairs or installations. Read more about different types of water heaters below!

McClain Bros can service your tankless water heater

Tankless Water Heaters

Also known as “On Demand” water heaters, these types of water heaters tend to be smaller than gas or electric because they do not store any water. Rather, the water will heat up as you turn it on in your sinks, tubs or other appliances.

McClain Bros can service your gas water heater

Gas Water Heater

A storage-type water heater that uses a flame and natural gas to heat the water. Considered more affordable to operate when compared to electric.

McClain Bros can service your electric water heater

Electric Water Heaters

The other storage-type but uses resistant coils to heat the water rather than gas and a flame. Electric is considered to be more energy efficient than its gas counter part.

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Plumbing Service

If you need assistance with plumbing, contact us today or visit our plumbing services page for more information.  We can help you with broken pipes, and new construction for homeowners throughout Bucks & Montgomery County. We also provide lateral sewer inspections and disinfectant cleaning services for PA! McClain Bros is here to keep our neighbors healthy and clean!

Heating Services & HVAC Maintenance in PA

McClain Bros is proud to serve our local neighbors with all their heating services and HVAC needs. From water heaters to air conditioning and heat pumps – we are here to help! Our team of professionals are ready to help keep PA warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Be sure to call us today for any of our services.

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