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From Service Panel Upgrades to residential overhead electrical service as well as 24/7 Emergency Services for residential or commercial buildings, McClain Bros. has you covered when it comes to any electrical issues.

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McClain Bros. are the most trusted commercial and residential electricians in Levittown, PA! After providing Bucks County for decades with our outstanding plumbing services, we now offer high quality and reliable electrical services and repairs throughout Bucks and Montgomery Counties. We understand the concern our customers have when looking for a trustworthy electrician, which is why we have included electrical in our expansive list of services we offer. Be sure to call us today to request a free estimate, or if you need any electrical repairs, or service upgrades. We also offer HVAC, disinfection, drain and sewer cleaning, sewer lateral services, and water damage restoration services.

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24/7 Emergency Electrical Services Available

Electrical problems will arise when you lease expect them to. From sudden power outages and power surges, to old wiring failing over time. That is why we at McClain Bros. provide 24/7 emergency services, that way we can help you anywhere within Bucks County when you need it most. 

Curious About Our Electrical Repair Services Throughout Bucks County? Read on!

Quality Electrical Repairs

Circuit Breakers | Emergency Repairs | Electrical Panels | Faulty Wiring | Outlets

McClain Bros. offers a variety of electrical and emergency electrical repair services. Don’t be without power or deal with a potentially hazardous situation with faulty wiring. Stay safe knowing that you called McClain Bros. for your electrical service needs.

Dependable Electrical Repairs

McClain Bros. is your trusted Electician in Levittown

Have you been noticing your lights flicker when appliances turn on? Do you have to reset your outlet when trying to dry your hair in the morning? If so you may be in need of an electrical service or even a circuit breaker upgrade. Over your lifetime, you typically don’t remove electric devices from your daily life, if anything we add more to them. That is why it’s important to make sure your home can handle the load and amperage of the devices that you use on a daily basis. If you have been experiencing any issues with the electrical in your home or office contact the McClain Bros.

Electrical Service Panel Upgrade

How Do I Know When to Call a Electrician in Levittown?

Know when to contact your local Electrical repair specialists

When it comes to any project, if electrical work needs to be done, you will want to call a licensed electrician.

Plugs and Outlets

If you need to replace or repair a plug or outlet, you will want to contact a licensed electrician. Wiring in your home can be complicated and just one simple mistake can cause a catastrophic event in your home. Keep your family safe and contact the McClain Bros. if you need to repair, replace, or add new plugs and outlets to your home or office.

Surge Protection

When it comes to a home, you will find a lot of electronic components. If they experience a surge they could potentially get damaged an destroyed. With a whole house surge protection installation, you will have that extra line of defense for when voltage in your home may rise above an appropriate level.

Panel Upgrades

Do your lights flicker or dim when appliances are being used? Are you reaching for a power strip because you don't have enough outlets? If so, you may need an electrical panel upgrade. No matter if it's a simple 100-amp panel upgrade or a complete installation of a new 400-amp service panel, at McClain Bros. we will do it affordably!

Electric Car Chargers

Electric Vehicles are becoming more and more prevalent as each day passes. With that said, the demand for being able to charge them is increasing. In order to be able to charge your electric vehicle at home, you will want to install an electric car charger. Contact McClain Bros. for your electric car charger installation in Bucks County.

Should I Upgrade or Replace my Electric Service Panel?

Service Panel Upgrade | Service Panel Replacement

When it comes to electric service panels, there are a few tell-tale signs that will lead you to considering an upgrade. One of them being is the age of the service panel itself. Most service panels have an average life span of 25 to 30 years, and since a lot of homes in Bucks County are older than 50 years, they may require an upgrade or in some cases a full replacement. 

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