How To Keep Your Drains Clean and Prevent Clogs

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We often take for granted our plumbing system when it’s working fine. Modern plumbing keeps our lives clean, healthy and convenient. As we live our lives it can be easy to forget that just like our bodies, our water systems need a little TLC (tender love and care) sometimes. Especially as social distancing in Levittown, PA has become so important, the last thing anyone needs is a clogged drain that requires a visit from the plumber! So here are some tips to help keep your drains clean and prevent clogs from happening!

Let’s start with stuff that causes clogs in the first place! Once you know these things can be a problem we can find ways to prevent them from making clogs.

Clean Grease from Drains

1. Grease – One of the most common causes of clogs in sinks! Grease has a tendency to stick to the walls of the pipes and harden. To prevent this simply don’t pour grease down the drain. Instead, pour the grease into a can and throw it away.

2. Coffee Grinds and Food Waste – Try to avoid getting these into the drain. When cleaning off your plate try to get as much of the food waste into the trash before rinsing them in the sink. The same goes for coffee grinds! As an extra precaution buy a drain filter or cover to help catch these wastes before they go down the drain.

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3. Dirt – Surprisingly dirt can build up and cause clogs too! Try to shake off or rinse off as much as you can outside before using the sink or shower to clean off.

4. Hair – This is also a very common cause for clogged drains! We can’t help our pets and our own heads from shedding during bath time. To help prevent hair from getting down the drain have a screen or drain-grate installed.

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5. Soap Scum – Another surprising cause! Because soap is often made from fat, that means soap scum is similar to grease in that it likes to stick around and harden. Unlike grease soap scum isn’t as easy to avoid. You can either change the kinds of soaps you are using or install a drain filter to help catch it before it goes down into the pipes.

6. Toilet Paper – A particularly bad habit for little kids is to use a little too much toilet paper. While most of the time the use of TP isn’t a problem, if there is too much as one time then it can cause a clog. So be sure to not use more than you need, and teach the kiddos that too! Wet wipes can help reduce the amount of TP needed as well.

Toilet Clog

So what are some other ways you help keep your drains clean now that you know what causes clogs and how to prevent them?

  • Run hot water through the sink after use. Think of it like taking a drink to help wash down your dinner! Hot water helps prevent things like soap and sticky substances from hardening, thus sticking around to clog your sink up.
  • Minerals from water can react with substances such as grease and soap. It also likes to build-up and causes problems. By having a water softener installed can help prevent minerals from being a problem in your water! Be sure to speak to a professional about getting a water softener installed in your home.
  • A simple DIY cleaning method is to run baking soda and hot water down the drain. Alternatively, pouring some vinegar and running hot water after 30 minutes works too. Baking soda and vinegar are classic yet effective cleaning tools. Afterward adding some lemon juice will keep your sink or bathroom smelling nice!

In conclusion, there are a lot of easy things you can do to prevent your plumbing from being clogged. This easy to manage TLC will help prevent having to call a plumber for a preventable problem. If you want to be sure before doing anything with your plumbing system, it never hurts to talk to your local Levittown, PA plumber. If you have a big clog or any plumbing issue it is recommended to call the plumbing company rather than trying to fix it yourself. The last thing you want is to make the problem worse and then have a bigger bill on your hands!

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