Disinfection Cleaning Tips for Bucks County PA 19007

Disinfectant Cleaning Services

We all know that life will never quite be the same after the on-going COVID-19 pandemic eventually dies down. Sanitation and certain public health practices are sure to linger as an ever-growing normal social practice. How we run our homes, offices, and businesses are currently beginning to adapt to these changes. Investing in disinfectant cleaning services has and will probably remain vital.

We at McClain Bros. now offer disinfecting cleaning services for homes, schools, offices, and businesses of any kind. As a plumber 19007 zip code area, we strive to help our neighbors however we can! We have fully prepared to face the task of sanitizing buildings and keeping the community safe from further viral, bacterial, and even mold outbreaks. Our team is prepared with state-of-the-art equipment and by being educated about the disinfecting process. 

This service is perfect for a company ready to re-open soon or if an outbreak of a virus hits your building in the future. McClain can sanitize indoors and outdoors thoroughly with an Eco-friendly cleaner which is safe for adults, children, and even pets.

Once fully disinfected than regular cleaning and CDC recommended practices will help greatly in keeping your employees and guests safe. 

Some practices you can adopt to help keep your home or company clean are to follow some of these tips recommended by the CDC….

  • If you're sick stay home and encourage your employees, coworkers, students, or guests to do the same. Send sickly employees or guests home and keep them separated until they can do so. Temporary isolation is the best way to prevent the spread of disease.
  • Develop flexible policies that allow from remote work or teleconferences if feasible. Travel should be limited and staggered shifts should be implemented if possible.
  • Encourage and promote public health practices such as handwashing, distancing, and covering coughs or sneezes. Try to have hand sanitizers in easy access for all.
  • Regularly clean high-touch surfaces such as countertops, workstations, bathrooms, doorknobs, handrails, and ect...to prevent spreading germs or viruses. Discourage sharing tools and equipment if possible. If not possible then clean tools and equipment frequently.
  • Educate your employees, guests, students with things such as lessons, fact sheets, or posters on health safety. Providing easy to understand information will help in keeping everyone safer.

Preventing spread and active cleaning is something we all need to do together as a community. If you think your building needs a fresh start or needs a disinfection process more extensive than you can provide on your own then its always good to know that there are teams out there than can help! If you’re in the Bucks County, PA area, just know McClain Bros is ready to provide not only their emergency plumbing and sewer lateral inspection but now also disinfectant cleaning services. 

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