3 of the Most Common Summertime Plumbing Problems

The summer sun fosters lots of fun, but it also introduces a plethora of plumbing problems that homeowners may not be prepared for. McClain Bros Plumbing & Heating has seen it all before, and we are fully equipped to tackle any of your midsummer plumbing mishaps. So, let’s get some insight into three common plumbing problems Americans face in the summer.

Broken Garbage Disposal

Summertime barbecues cause lots of issues as far as garbage disposals go. Tough cuts of meat, bones, and literal garbage are often dumped down the drain with little regard for how it will affect the disposal device within the sink. It may be called a “garbage disposal,” but that doesn’t mean you should treat it like an electric trash can. Let us know if you are having issues with your garbage disposal — it’s unlikely that you are dealing with a problem that we haven’t already dealt with before.

Sump Pump Malfunction

Storms and flooding are common occurrences throughout the hottest months of the year. Many homeowners — especially those who live near wetlands — deal with flooding in their basements or crawl spaces during rainy weather. A sump pump is a vital appliance that you need to function correctly throughout the rainy season. Too much action can cause your sump pump to malfunction, which can cause catastrophic flooding and damage inside of your home. Call us for help with sump pump maintenance and repairs.

Sprinkler Issues

It’s easy to keep your grass looking green and healthy with the help of a solid sprinkler system. However, you must examine your irrigation pipes before letting the system rip at the start of the summer. If you fail to check your system for cracks and other signs of damage, you could end up with a dry, less-than-pleasant-looking lawn. McClain Brothers Plumbing & Heating can inspect your sprinkler system and fix any damage you notice.

Contact McClain Brothers Plumbing & Heating for Help With Summertime Plumbing

Need help fixing any of the problems mentioned above? Want to do everything you can to avoid running into summertime plumbing problems? Just contact us for help, and we’ll help you keep your plumbing running like a well-oiled machine all summer long.

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