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Sump Pump Service

Sump Pump Service

Call your local Plumbing experts today and get us to repair, replace or install a sump pump for you today!

Sump Pump Service

What Are Sump Pumps And What They Do

What is a Sump Pump used for. A Sump Pump is used in the cellar of your house where water is known to accumulate. The pump is used to keep to the area from accumulating water and transfer it outside of the area to a suitable place for drainage. We are a family run plumbing business that can help with this problem.

We can help with installation and repair of Sump Pumps. We are experienced in all aspects of Sump Pumps and can help install a new one or fix your existing one. We have years of experience and knowledge in installing and fixing the. We are a dependable company that you can count on. A Sump Pump is required in a large percentage of houses where the basement is below the ground.

Having a Sump Pump installed will prevent flooding by pumping the water automatically away from your cellar to a suitable area. Sometimes the water is pumped to a storm drain or sewer but in some densely populated areas this is becoming forbidden. We can help you with all the details of a Sump Pump. We are family run business so we take pride in providing quality work and products.

If you are having problems with an existing Sump Pump let us help you with any questions you may have. We will inspect the unit and help solve the problem of your Sump Pump. It is important to have this pump working right as water can create thousands of dollars in damages. We can also help inspect the Sump Pump to prevent any problems from happening ahead of time.

Having lots of melting snow in this area can also cause a lot of water to flood your basement, That is why newly constructed homes are required to have a Sump Pump installed. Call us today and we will not hesitate to help you immediately. We can help to have one installed to prevent any disasters from occurring with water damage.

A Sump Pump is set up in a special dug out pit a couple feet deep in the lowest area of the basement. When the water starts to flow into this pit the Sump Pump turns on automatically to run the water out through a pipe outside the building. A sensor turns this kind of pump on. There are also pumps you can just turn on when you need them. Sump Pumps do not need any special wiring to hook up.

Any questions you have about these pumps we can help to answer. There really are different types of Sump Pumps made for your particular needs. Most pumps will run on a 110 volt circuit in the standard home. Industrial units require more. We can help with all the installation of Sump Pumps and help to maintain them.


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