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Plumbing and Heating Needs

Don’t let a cold day get you all worked up!!! Call the experts and we will arrive on time and with the proper tools to fix your Heater.

Plumbing And Heating Needs

Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, when you have a need in the plumbing and heating department, you want the best service possible. That’s what you will get when you rely on McClain Bros Plumbing.

Heating Needs

Maybe you are building a new home, and want to install an efficient heating system. Maybe you have had your furnace shut off for summer, and are ready to turn it back on. But to your dismay, there is no response. Or, maybe you have decided to upgrade to a more energy efficient model. Whatever your heating needs, we can make sure you get the best service, as well as the best product for your needs.

Emergencies happen too often. Sometimes there will be a problem with the furnace or other components of how everything works together. If you turn on your furnace and discover that there is no heat or little heat, we will respond to your call in a very timely manner.

We will be quick to figure out if it is truly a furnace malfunction, or if it’s something else such as a thermostat problem, or even a pilot light problem. Occasionally it might even be something to do with your duct work. Whatever the problem is, we will be fast and efficient at identifying the root of the problem and fixing it.


Plumbing Needs

Plumbing is what we started out in, and it’s still one of the things we do best. There are many areas we offer assistance in when it comes to potential plumbing needs.

Clogs in toilets or plumbing are very common. We have all the important equipment to deal with clogs, no matter where they are or how bad they are. Other things we are well equipped to handle are problems with water heaters, drains, and wells. Whether there be a leak in your water heater, or the temperature control is not working well, we can help you. We are also fully able to help you with installing any new plumbing equipment.

Emergencies Heating Needs

In the Philly area, winter is cold. It is not a good time for a heating or plumbing emergency for anyone. When you call on us for emergency help, we will respond immediately. We offer emergency service around the clock, and every day of the year.



When you call McClain Bros Plumbing, you are going to get all the help you need in every area, including billing. Our staff will help you sort through what is covered by your insurance, and get the billing right the first time. That means less hassle for you and a happier solution to your problems all the way around.

McClain Bros Plumbing and Heating is well able to handle any situation you have in either of these areas, everyday or emergency.


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