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Philadelphia Drain Cleaning Philly Pa

This video is a demonstration of what it will look like when we come out to Clear your main drain in Philadelphia.  Philadelphia Drain Cleaning is very similar except your main stack is usually set out at the curb.  The video you are watching to the left here is of an individual clearing his main sewer line with a “snake”.  The “snake” is the piece of equipment that he places down the drain to unclog it. It is a powerful and expensive piece of machinery and should be handle with care and caution.

They come in many sizes for different drains and are very expensive to purchase. Why are they called “Snakes”:

  1. They look like a snake
  2. They move like a snake
  3. They can be as dangerous as a snake

Why Get Your Drain Cleaned?

There are many reasons to have your drains cleaned.   Many people get there drains cleaned on a yearly basis to maintain a clear drain. Others wait until an emergency strikes before they call.  Reasons for a clog are as follows:

  1. A line filled with Muck – An oatmeal type blockage that gets stuck in your line from build up of soaps and debris
  2. Tampons – As disgusting as it may sound, many women flush there female products down the toilet and they build up clogging your line
  3. Tree Roots – People who have trees in there yard are always at risk of having tree roots find there way into the pipe running under ground
  4. Fractured Pipes – Often times the pipe that is in the ground is broken from decay and tree roots that find there way in the line
  5. Foreign Objects – Often times a child will flush toys, phones or other objects down the toilet and they either get stuck in the toilet or further down the line

So as you can see there are many reasons for you to need to have your drains cleaned. If you find yourself in a position where you need to call a Plumber, Then Give us a call and let us handle your Drain Cleaning!

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