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Drain Cleaning

A clean drain is a healthy drain…let McClain Bros be your first choice!

Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning is the crux of most of the work we receive. Being efficient and deliberate upon arrival to your home, is the number one objective of our plumbers.  Your confused and under stress with the problem at hand and the last thing you need is more confusion. Making the diagnosis as to what is causing the clog is of the most importance.

You called for one of two reasons, either you have an emergent clogged drain and the water is running all over the place or you’ve noticed sluggish draining and gurgling in your line.  The causes can be many and include: Tree roots in the main sewage line, Muck built up in the line, a crack in the pipe, something stuck in the pipe and many more.

Our Plumber will arrive to your home and immediately diagnose the problem at hand. He will discuss the issue with you and explain what is required to fix your problem right then and there.

We use state of the art “snakes” to clear you drain whether it’s the main line or the tub drain. We carryplumbing snake all sizes on our trucks and the appropriate blades to tackle any drain cleaning.  Equipment like this costs thousands of dollars and there is no reason for you the home owner to purchase these tools.  Our team is trained on using these large and dangerous pieces of equipment.

Drain cleaning doesn’t stop there, oh no!  Once finished,  We will leave you with clear instructions on what to avoid doing and what to do to maintain a clear drain.  This will help you save Money over the years!  Most people will buy bottles of Draino and pour that down the drain. This chemical is toxic and can actually eat away at certain metals. As a note and for the Plumbers safety, please do not attempt to clear your drain in this manor prior to our team coming to your home. Often times this chemical can splash up during the drain cleaning process and injure the Plumber.

So you see, we understand drain cleaning and can most certainly help you with your problem at hand.


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