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Clogged Toilet

Don’t let a clogged toilet get you all worked up!!! Call the experts and we will arrive on time and with the proper tools to fix your drain.

Clogged Toilet

Having your toilet backed up and the water flowing over the rim and onto your floor is a frustrating and often frantic experience.  Most people get so worked up that the first thing they do is play with the flushing handle. Although this may be part of the problem, it is more often not the issue at all.  Lets take a look at what causes a toilet to back up.


Reasons for toilet Clogging:


1) The number one reason toilets clog is because there is something in the drain. Toilet drains are S-traps that are built into the porcelain. Some are obvious and beautifully designed into the structure while others are difficult to see.  Often times, children will put things in the toilet, unbeknownst to the owner, and when the toilet is used later, it will not flush. This is a simple fix for the hand held Auger. These tools can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowes but if not used properly, you can fracture/break you toilet and this can cost you more money.

2) Another reason toilets will not flush is do to poor flushing ability. This often appears to have the affect of a clogged drain as most home owners will plunge the toilet and re-flush.  The contents go down the drain and it is assumed that drain is clogging.  This is more likely a calcium or mineral build up in the tiny holes under the rim of the toilet seat structure. The water that flows down from the tank cannot get thru the mineralization and the pressure is reduced. thus not allowing the proper flushing power.

Toilets get clogged because the flushing power of the toilet is not strong enough. This means that after using the bathroom, you flush the toilet and nothing really happens.  Aside from the mineralization that builds up, perhaps the “guts” in the tank of the toilet are old or not functioning properly. Often times the tank does not fill with the correct amount of water and thus not allowing the water the fill the bowl and flush out the contents. Most people will notice they have to flush twice. This is a simple fix and we will diagnose and repair your issue.

So you see that a clogged toilet is often fixable and does not mean you need a new toilet. Although, if you have mineralization issues and the toilet itself is old, you may benefit from getting a new toilet installed and save money as well doing it.

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