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McClain Bros. Plumbing

Your Neighborhood Plumbers!!!

Mark McClain

President, CEO, McClain Bros. Plumbing.  A  devoted Father and Master Plumber with years of experience, he began his journey at Roto Rooter.  After years of dedication with the Rooter, he decided to open up shop for himself. 

Years Eperience

Scott McCLain

Marketing and PlumbingScott started out plumbing with Mark at Roto Rooter and has since left Plumbing for work in the Medical Field. He has stayed on with McClain Bros. as lead of marketing.

Years Marketing/Plumbing

The Family

The team. The team is made of the family as a whole. They function together in a cohesive synergy and are always looking to grow the business.

Year with the Company

Recent Projects

Pictures form the field. More Projects to be added.

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